Why Baby Massage? Little introduction

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

I am Tamas Dominko baby massage teacher and daddy of a wonderful little girl who inspired me to learn baby massage. I promised her when she was in her mummy’s belly, I’m going to have the strongest bond I can have with her, as I never had a strong relationship with my dad.

As an already qualified massage therapist in remedial and pregnancy massage, I discovered the healing power of touch, but I would have never thought what a beautiful magic will take place during baby massage.

I have got to experience the most incredibly peaceful and enjoyable times together with my daughter. The feeling is almost indescribable everything slows down, the time and surroundings disappear, your breathing slows down and you are completely tuned into your little one. What you can feel is just the love and happiness spreading everywhere in your body which then transfers onto your baby through the loving touch of yours. I started to recognise my daughter's needs much easier and created an incredible connection and strong bond in between us.

On the other hand it was really therapeutic too, as through the wonderful art of massage I could help her to relieve her birth trauma, to get to love tummy time, get relief from colic, constipation and nurture her development.

This amazing experience gave me the courage for wanting to share with other parents the power of loving touch, so they will be able to create a long lasting, strong bond with their babies, support their development on all levels and experience the same magical moments that I did.

If you are interested in my courses please don't hesitate to check out my website or get in touch for further details.

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