Morning fun or get my daughter to sleep

Unbelievable, only 6 o'clock in the morning and my daughter is already about to have her first nap. You might ask "what?", yes, that's right, it's not a joke. I couldn't even woke up yet let alone to have a lay down, but to be fair nowadays I can fall asleep in any position, angle and place. If I'm like that, then imagine how my wife looks like. I admire and honour the wonderful work she does to nurture and nourish our daughter day in-day out. She is an amazingly strong and tough woman.

So as I said it's 6am and the fun begins, or the way I call it the seance. The seance of how to get my little angel to sleep. The first stage is a little warm up, let's bounce on daddy's throat, yes you read it right. What she does, she turns towards me with her legs slightly bent and then vigorously starts to bounce, so if for some weird reason at this point you were half asleep hoping that she is going to go to sleep quite quickly, which is -knowing my daughter- nearly impossible, then you are definitely fully awake. But I let her get away with it, because she is daddy's little girl and most importantly I'm hoping to have a peaceful day, without having a few nervous breakdown. What a naive idiot.

Oh, but hang on a minute this isn't the end, oh no, she's just got warmed up for stage two, when she takes the the dummy out of her mouth and at the same time she is having fun bouncing on my throat like if it was a bouncy castle on a Sunday funfair, she starts hitting my nose with the plastic edge of her dummy.

And eventually after10-15 mins finally she falls asleep and I'm there lying collecting my broken pieces and thinking what surprises the rest of the day is holding for me.

But the only thing that really matters is, she is happy.

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