A little success story

I thought I'd share with you this amazing story about a little boy who I helped by teaching his parents some specific massage techniques so they can help him best, and I have to say they did a wonderful job. This little writing will really show you how beneficial the combination of baby massage and loving touch can be.

A few weeks ago I saw this sweet little boy to help him to be friends with tummy time and to strengthen his back muscles as he had some difficulties to lift and hold his head in that position as well as got very upset quite quickly while he was on his tummy. I have to mention that he had a bad colic for several weeks, so for understandable reasons he couldn't really spend time on his tummy to master this skill.

So we started from the very beginning of the tummy time journey by using massage and holding techniques to release the stiffness in the shoulders, to open and lengthen the front of his body, to strengthen his back muscles as well as gradually little by little taking him fully onto his tummy.

2 weeks later as the result of his parents amazingly persistent practise and effort, he is a lot happier to spend time on his tummy, he is lifting and holding his head wonderfully and guess what, he is even trying to roll over :). And I cannot emphasise enough the reward for this incredible and great achievement goes to mummy and daddy as they kept practicing and doing the techniques, I only gave them the tools they could work with. They did a fabulous job.

When I see stories like this I feel honoured and unspeakably happy that I could have been part of it. Being able to help and see the happiness of parents and babies worth everything and gives me the passion and will for wanting to share with as many families as possible the power of unconditionally loving touch that is transferred through massage and only exists between parents and their children.

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