Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start baby massage?


Babies can be massaged from birth, but usually many parents prefer to wait until 6 weeks when their baby is more alert and had his/her 6 weeks medical check with the GP. Also before 6 weeks is not advised to use oil on baby's skin as it still quite fragile. If your baby was premature, this should be calculated from their due date.

What to expect from the course?

Courses will teach parents how to give their baby a relaxing, gentle massage; with each week's class focusing on a different body part. I show the techniques on a demonstration doll whilst guiding parents who work with their own babies. On each class we review all previous weeks' sequences to start with, building up to giving baby a complete body massage.

How long is the class?


I designed my classes to be 1 hour long for the following reasons. First of all this is meant to be a relaxing, fun playtime with your baby, so the last thing I want you to feel is being rushed. The other reason is that babies need to feed, sleep, nappy change etc. hence I would like to make sure you get the opportunity to learn and practice the techniques.


Will I use massage oil and get my baby undressed during the first class?


On your first couple of classes we won’t use oil or undress the babies, and the reasons being: We need to find out if your baby isn’t allergic to the massage oil, Therefore I will provide some oil to test it on your baby’s arm. Also I believe in the gradual approach, which means we don’t rush anything, we build up the massage week by week instead. Hence on the first couple of classes we will massage babies clothed, so they are getting used to the stimulation that massage provides and you are getting confident with the techniques.


Is there time to talk about any issues or question?


Each session has time allocated for discussion about a postnatal topic. I find this is a great way to share, exchange parenting experiences with other mums and dads and also to get some new friends.