Pre-recorded baby massage course 

Suitable from 8 weeks of age

The course

This amazing online baby massage course is enables you to learn and enjoy the powerful and beautiful magic of baby massage whilst deepening and strengthening your bond with your baby at your on pace from the comfort of your own home.​

You'll learn more than a massage routine, you'll learn to listen and discover what your baby tells you, through the power of touch. Baby massage is love in action. Baby massage is a wonderful way of bonding with your baby, nurturing his/her development beside many other benefits.

What's included:

  • 2 full baby massage routines

  • Explanation of the benefits of each stroke

  • All the information you need to create a nurture nest to practice baby massage safely 

  • FREE downloadable love bubble bundle

  • Fantastic value packed fun Bonus section

  • On going support from Little Steps Baby and Mother Wellbeing

  • Access to my private Facebook support group

  • Emailed certificate


In the course you will learn:

  • The benefits of Baby Massage​

  • What oil to use and why

  • Contraindications- When to avoid massaging your baby

  • Importance of skin contact and touch

  • Creating a relaxing, nourishing nurture nest

  • Different positions you can use when massaging

  • A new massage routine each week

  • Self care tips

  • Mama stretches before beginning massage session.

Course cost: £49.97

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About baby massage

The tradition of baby massage goes back for centuries and provides a wide range of benefits for mothers and babies equally. During baby massage you will experience a lot of magical moments.

What makes baby massage to be so special is that it contains all the amazing elements that are crucial for creating and facilitating a bond between you and your baby. These are the following: eye contact, touch, oxytocin, sound of voice and smell. All of them are present when you massage your little one making it the perfect environment in which to encourage or continue bonding.

Benefits of baby massage:

  • Create a lasting bond between you and your baby, and gives the opportunity to spend some relaxing fun time together

  • Promote relaxation and can improve sleeping

  • Early introduction of nurturing touch can help so much for those mums and babies especially who had a difficult start by alleviating the stress that they experienced during a difficult pregnancy and/or birth

  • Massaging, relaxing your baby's tummy encourages the digestion, gives relief from colic, trapped wind or constipation

  • Can provide relief from the pain of teething

  • Ensure balanced body with the necessary flexibility in joints and enables healthy muscle tone and improves baby's coordination. It is very important we gain the flexibility first and then build the strength!

  • Provide a strong foundation for sitting and standing

  • Stimulate and support baby’s physical, emotional and social development​


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