Baby massage

Suitable from 6 weeks until crawling

The course

This is a 5 weeks course, each week we will focus on different areas of the body, that enables you to have plenty of time to get familiar with the techniques, and by the end of the 5 weeks you will learn a massage routine that you can safely and confidently practise on your baby.


I also will show you a few great techniques to relieve the symptoms of cold, to soothe sleepless baby and many more, as well as explaining the purpose of each techniques you'll learn.
The course is also a great opportunity for mums and dads to meet other parents in their local area and discuss parenting topics and build friendships in a relaxing, calm environment.

The classes are absolutely baby-led and planned in a flexible way that gives you enough time for practising even if you need to stop for a bit to take care of your baby's needs.

You'll be provided with organic cold pressed massage oil, course handout and refreshments.

Each sessions last approximately 60 minutes.


These courses are run at St Peter and St Paul Church in Teddington TW11 8PS in groups of 6 mums and babies.

About baby massage

The tradition of baby massage goes back for centuries and provides a wide range of benefits for mothers and babies equally. During baby massage you will experience a lot of magical moments.

Benefits of baby massage:

  • Create a lasting bond between you and your baby, and gives the opportunity to spend some relaxing fun time together

  • Promote relaxation and improve sleeping

  • Early introduction of nurturing touch can help so much for those mums and babies especially who had a difficult start by alleviating the stress that they experienced during a difficult pregnancy and/or birth

  • Massaging, relaxing your babies tummy encourages the digestion, gives relief from colic, trapped wind or constipation

  • Can provide relief from the pain of teething

  • Ensure balanced body with the necessary flexibility in joints and enables healthy muscle tone and improves babies coordination. It is very important we gain the flexibility first and then build the strength.

  • Provide a strong foundation for sitting and standing

  • Stimulate and support baby’s physical, emotional and social development


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