C-section Scar Therapy Package

About Scar Tissue Massage

For this treatment your wound must be fully healed with no scab or infection, and you are required to have your 6-week postnatal check up with your Midwife or GP before having this type of massage.

Having a C-section scar you may feel a bit ‘out of love’ with your tummy, you feel detached from that part of your body but at the same time you are emotionally very much attached to your scar. I want you to know that I’m here to support and help you knock down those emotional walls and reunite you with your body.

During wound healing, scar tissue is formed and laid down in layers, but in a very disorganised way which is different from the normal tissue structure. This tissue is very strong but not elastic can build up and stick to surrounding tissues causing pain and dysfunction.

Therefore we cannot forget about the a physical effects that a scar can have on your body. You may experience the following:

  • pulling around the scar area (this can result in feeling pain, discomfort in other areas of your body further away from the scar which you would never think of relating to your scar. Areas such as thigh, in other parts of your tummy, shoulder just to mention a few)

  • you may feel numbness, tingling or soreness in the area of scar

  • certain movements can feel restricted 

Scar massage can help:

  • Decrease scar tissue build-up, as it can make muscles stiff and weaker

  • Improve blood flow, which promotes healing

  • Drain excess fluid to reduce swelling

  • Regain feeling in the area and decrease numbness, tingling, soreness

  • Increase range of movement and the scar's flexibility.

  • May help the appearance of your scar to look flatter and paler

  • Assist with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction from restrictions from the scar


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Place of treatments: 

Orange Tree Clinic

23A Broad Street, Teddington TW11 8QZ

What's in the Package?

  • Initial consultation and Pre-assessment via Zoom (So on your first visit there will be no time spend on consultation, but instead we can start with the hands on work)

  • 90 minutes initial appointment

  • 3 follow up 60 minute appointments

  • Self-care advices

  • Ongoing Support

  • BONUS 60 minutes 1:1 baby massage and nurture class via Zoom (worth £80)

  • 10% Off when book your next Postnatal Massage Plan

How the plan works?

I am so happy and excited to offer this bespoke programme.

This package offers you a truly holistic approach to your physical and emotional recovery after your C-section delivery.

With purchasing in this amazing treatment package, you are investing in your future health and a positive recovery and I will have your back 100% on your journey and support you.

We start with an initial in depth health questionnaire which I will email you to complete it online and send it back to me. This will be followed by a 15-20 minutes consultation and assessment online via Zoom, so I can truly understand what is going on in your body. Also we are going book your first appointment in.

This is a really unique part of your plan, because it means on your first visit we won't waste any time taking medical history and etc, but spend that extra time on hands on treatment.

Our first appointment is 90 minutes during which you will be given:​

  • soft tissue work to find and release stuck, tight areas primarily on the abdominal region (we are going to work on and around the scar as well as away from it) to restore the optimal muscle function

  • analysis of your breathing pattern and correction

  • homework (this may involve releases, exercises, breathing exercises, nutrition and self care tips)


Following the initial appointment we will then book in 3 further 60 minute sessions (usually 2-3 weeks apart) during which we will continue to release any sticky areas and restore correct muscle memory as well as monitoring and refining your self-care plan to really compliment and enhance the benefits of our treatments.

Package Cost = £319

Please note that once you have had your first session, no refunds will be given. I have a 24 hour cancellation policy on any session booked.

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