Postnatal massage

You can benefit from postnatal massage by not only helping your recovery from childbirth, but it also promotes relaxation and put your mind at ease so you can cope with the challenges of life with a small baby.

Being a new mum is probably one of the most wonderful and rewarding thing that can happen, but it also can be physically and emotionally stressful. After the 9 months to carry your growing baby, your body has to readapt and adjust to new postures that comes with looking after your little one. It includes bending, lifting, carrying, holding just to name a few, as well as resting in awkward positions – as sometimes you’ll rather be in a little discomfort, but at least your baby sleeps well.  And in addition to all of the above we have to mention the impact of breastfeeding and sleep deprivation.

These put stress on muscles and create areas of tension through the body as well as causing aches and pains. The most affected places usually are the back, hips, neck and shoulders.

During your session we’ll target and release these areas through techniques that are specifically tailored to your needs in order to ease any pain or discomfort and help to realign your posture. Releasing the tight and sore muscles will allow your muscles to function more effectively because they’ll have a great elasticity and can receive sufficient amount of nutrients.

As a result, you can recover faster from the effects of pregnancy and childbirth, your whole body will function better and reduce the risk of strains and injuries.



Further Benefits of Postnatal Massage

  • It also promotes healing by assisting the circulatory system to take waste products away from the tissue and bring oxygenated blood and nutrients to it.

  • Assisting with healing from C-section, as scar tissue forms that is less elastic than the healthy tissue. Through massage, tissue elasticity is restored, reducing fascia restriction, muscle tightness and pain.

  • Relieving muscle strain after childbirth.

  • Reducing swelling (oedema) by encouraging the fluid flow in the lymphatic and circulatory system, draining excess fluid away from swollen areas.

  • It promotes relaxation that can help you to recharge mentally and emotionally as well as you can have some me-time.

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