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I am Tamas Dominko baby massage teacher who had the great privilege to study developmental baby massage from its expert, Peter Walker.

I was originally qualified in remedial and pregnancy massages, but then my wonderful daughter was born, who inspired me to learn and teach baby massage.

The magical moments that we've spent together and seeing that through touch I could help her to relieve her birth trauma and nurturing her development, gave me the passion to share my experience and the power of loving touch with other parents, so they can create a strong bond with their babies, support their mental and physical development and discover the incredibly wide range of benefits of baby massage.

Childhood is for life, let's make the most of it.

I am member of and insured by Independent Professional Therapists International.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


Developmental Baby Massage (from 6 weeks until crawling)


The tradition of baby massage goes back for centuries and it provides a wide range of benefits for mothers and babies equally. During baby massage you will experience a lot of magical moments and babies love it.

The art of massage will help you to communicate, bond and deepen the attachment with your little one through the power of the loving, nurturing touch. The touch is your baby’s first language and just as important as any vitamins to the healthy development.

Although baby massage is a great fun for both parents and babies, it is incredibly therapeutic at the same time.

Benefits of baby massage:

  • Create a lasting bond between you and your baby, and gives the opportunity to spend some relaxing fun time together

  • Early introduction of nurturing touch can help so much for those mums and babies especially who had a difficult start by alleviating the stress that they experienced during a difficult pregnancy and/or birth

  • Massaging, relaxing your babies tummy encourages the digestion, gives relief from colic, trapped wind or constipation

  • Can provide relief from the pain of teething

  • Ensure balanced body with the necessary flexibility in joints and enables healthy muscle tone and improves babies coordination. It is very important we gain the flexibility first and then build the strength.

  • Provide a strong foundation for sitting and standing

  • Stimulate and support baby’s physical. emotional and social development

  • Meet other parents with small babies in your local area

My Developmental Baby Massage courses run over 5 weeks. I provide organic cold pressed massage oil and refreshments.

Mummy and Me (

Relief from Colic workshop

Many babies suffer from colic, trapped wind and as a parent it's quite hard to see your little one to cry and being in pain and you try your best settle her but nothing really works, and wherever you go to seek help, the answer most of the time is "it will pass, nothing you can do about it.

That's why I created this workshop, because I believe massage and the power of touch can help to stimulate the digestive system to function properly as well as soothe your baby. I will teach you a Relief from Colic routine that includes a combination of massage strokes, resting hand and breathing techniques.

Be friends with Tummy Time course (from birth to 8-10 weeks of age)

Introducing tummy time from an early age is crucial to help your baby strengthen their back muscles by practicing to lift their head. However many babies don't like tummy time at first and they end up getting upset and start to cry. One of the many reasons is tightness in their shoulders so they are not able to bring their arms forward enough to be able to push themselves up. The other reason is that for 9 month they were in a flexed position in the womb, thus most of their joints are used to being in flexion, but during tummy time the complete opposite happens, which is the extension of the joints.

During this course you will learn a range of techniques and massage strokes that will help your little one to make friend with tummy time. These techniques will teach you how you can get your baby gradually on his tummy without getting upset, help to release any tension around the shoulders as well as on the front of the body.

Skype Clinic

All courses and workshops are available via Skype as well as individually tailored lesson(s).

Please call to discuss availability and fees

What I offer:


  • Developmental Baby Massage courses in group of 6 parents and babies

  • One to one Developmental Baby Massage course at your own home

  • Group Developmental Baby Massage course at your own home 

  • Relief from Colic workshop in a group or one to one home visit

  • Be friends with Tummy Time course in a group or one to one home visit

  • Skype Clinic

To book a place on the course click here

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start baby massage?


Babies can be massaged from birth, but usually many parents prefer to wait until 4-6 weeks when their baby is more alert. If your baby was premature, this should be calculated from their due date

What to expect from a course?

Courses will teach parents how to give their baby a relaxing, gentle massage; with each week's class focusing on a different body part. I show the techniques on a demonstration doll whilst guiding parents who work with their own babies. On each class we review all previous weeks' sequences to start with, building up to giving baby a complete body massage.

How long is the class?


I designed my classes to be 1 hour long for the following reasons. First of all this is meant to be a relaxing, fun playtime with your baby, so the last thing I want you to be feel is being rushed. The other reason is that babies need to feed, sleep, nappy change etc. hence I would like to make sure you get the opportunity to learn and practice the techniques.


Will I use massage oil and get my baby undressed during the first class?


On your first couple of classes we won’t use oil or undress the babies, and the reasons being:

  • we need to find out if your baby isn’t allergic to the massage oil, Therefore I will provide some oil to test it on your baby’s arm.

  • I believe in the gradual approach, which means we don’t rush anything, we build up the massage week by week instead. Hence on the first couple of classes we will massage babies clothed, so they are getting used to the stimulation that massage provides and you are getting confident with the techniques.


Is there time to talk about any issues or question?


Each session has time allocated for discussion about a postnatal topic. I find this is a great way to share, exchange parenting experiences with other mums and dads and also to get some new friends.



Goodall Hall at Church of St Peter & St Paul

Bychurch End

Teddington TW11 8PS

Tel: 07725912373

Email: tamas.dominko@gmail.com

All courses are available in Chiswick and Kensington and Chelsea as home visit service.

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